Gwippo debuted in 2019 ISH & Cihe for the first time.
May 19,2019

On May 6-8, Gwippo first brought an annual new product in Ish China & Cihe 2019-China International Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Sanitary and Comfortable Home Furnishing System Exhibition (China Heating Show), which was unanimously received from domestic and foreign markets. Follow and widely praise.

Big red whale equipment upgrade!

In this Beijing heating exhibition, the GWIPPO "Big Red Whale" series (GWIPPO large-capacity enamel bearing water tank 1000L-5000L) equipment is further upgraded. On the basis of March 15 this year, the Gwippo March Thermal Pump Show? It doesn't matter! Click GWIPPO Two Two Annual grinding a sword, the big red whale water tank was heated at the exhibition, learned more products and details) the "Big Red Whale" was insulated, which further improved the performance of the product. It is also included in the annual new album.

"Big Red Whale" is used as a wide range of enamel pressure storage tanks, especially like schools, hospitals, communities, hotels, etc. The pressure storage water tank can control the thermal water system well and maintain the temperature in the tank at the best temperature range of 55 ℃ ± 5 ℃. From a security perspective, when water greater than 60 ° C is exposed to human skin, there will be hidden dangers of burns. From a hygiene perspective, when the water temperature is lower than 50 ° C, the Legion bacteria will breed a lot in the water. Therefore, when designing some large -scale centralized water systems, hot water engineering designers must use hot water storage tanks to control the water temperature to maintain the best temperature interval.

Different from the overall polyurethane foam process of conventional water tanks, the 1.5 -ton ultra -large -capacity enamel underwriting water tank is not suitable for overall foam because of its huge body shape. Therefore, we have selected more prominent thermal insulation performance and more flexible craftsmanship.

The initial heat conduction coefficient is only 0.032W (m.k) 0 ° C. It has::

. The foam closed bubble rate is high and uniform and fine, and the insulation performance is strong;

. The compression is good, and the anti -water and steam penetration ability is strong;

. Unique raw material formula, strong fire resistance;

The characteristics of low smoke and non -toxic, strong safety performance, etc., effectively store the calories of tanks and reduce energy consumption.

Core technological advantage-glaze

GWIPPO has always been known for the industry with excellent enamel technology. From industrial anti -corrosion enamel glaze to the inside of the water heater, GWIPPO has never stopped technology research and development and breakthrough. The industrial glaze melting and powder are displayed, and it is also the only company in the exhibition to display glaze technology. Industrial-grade glaze anticorrosive performance TUV-resistant water-resistant index reached 0.55g/m2. The life life of the inner bilots is 5-10 years than the average enamel water tank! Because it is dedicated, professional!

A well -known hot water system engineer in the industry stopped on the booth of GWIPPO for a long time. He said: "The entire exhibition hall turns down, your porcelain surface is the most dense and smoother. You can make such small accessories. The enamel is so exquisite and not easy. There are very few companies like you in the technical field. Your craftsman's spirit makes me admire! "

The affirmation of industry experts has strengthened our confidence, and for Made in China 2025, we will devotement of Gwippo's power to the development of high -end manufacturing! There are constant peers and customers in the booth to consult the technology and seek opportunities for cooperation, and participating audiences are endless.

Technical barriers of condensation furnace-double-sided enamel

Due to the strong promotion of "coal -to -gas" and "coal -to -electricity" in recent years, as well as the requirements for exhaust emissions such as boilers and gas water heaters (must be less than 30 mg/m3). At this year's exhibition, big international brands including Linko, Rimi, AO Smith, etc. have launched the concept of condensate furnaces without exception. The condensation furnace not only solves the problem of reaching the exhaust emissions standard, but also greatly increases energy efficiency. At present, most condensate furnaces use stainless steel heat exchangers, but the heat conduction efficiency of stainless steel has increased, which leads to an increase in heat exchange area. Ground cost.

The double -sided enamel heat exchanges with higher thermal conductivity can better solve this problem, and double -sided enamel technology has harsh requirements for enamel formula and enamel technology. At present, there are very few companies that really master this technology. Gwippo is willing to contribute the technology of double -sided enamel and use it in the manufacturing of the condensed furnace heat exchanger. Sincere partners are welcome to negotiate with us. This technology will have a disruptive role in the industry and will also make great contributions to the country's energy conservation and emission reduction.

International emerge internationally

The wonderful appearance of "Big Red Whale" not only received the attention of domestic peers and participating audiences. Foreign exhibitors and industry insiders who participated in the exhibition also had a strong interest in the red whale. Similar products, due to the unique advantages of enamel inner bile in the field of hot water anticorrosion, the emergence of "big red whale" is bound to open up a world in the field of commercial hot water. (Do you want to learn more about the difference between the enamel water tank and the stainless steel water tank? Please click on the new GWIPPO new product!

In just three days, Gwippo not only showed the precipitation of technology for decades this time, but also met a lot of new partners and reached long -term cooperation intentions. In the field of anticorrosive enamel, GWIPPO also contains huge potential, especially through exhibitions with technical experts in different fields to collide with new sparks, discover new opportunities, and inspire us to go to a higher and larger international stage leap forward. Gwippo adheres to the concept of win -win cooperation and openness and diversification, and welcomes people from all walks of life at home and abroad to connect us with technology and products related to anticorrosive enamel. Together with GWIPPO, let us jointly build a global platform and industrial excellent chain.

As a company that masters core technology, GWIPPO will continue to move forward with its mission, and promote the development of the industry towards more clean, comfortable, innovative, environmentally friendly, energy -saving, and diverse directions! Let the enamel create greater value! Let us look forward to Gwippo's creation of new miracles! Intersection

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