GWIPPO Silicone General丨Enamel liner pulse compression fatigue test
May 17,2024

Recently, our water tank workshop conducted pulse compression fatigue tests on a batch of enamel inner tanks using professional testing instruments.

After one month, 300,000 pulse compression fatigue tests were completed.

The test results are shown in the figure below. The enamel inner tank produced by our company is durable, has no porcelain explosion, uses industrial-grade anti-corrosion glaze, and has the ability to resist acid, alkali and temperature changes!

Display of the gold zirconium enamel inner tank after cutting open

After the test, it was checked that there was no water leakage in the weld.

The industrial-grade gold zirconium enamel inner tank independently developed by Sipu has the following characteristics:

①Perfect spraying, first-level adhesion ensures the perfect fit between the steel plate and the porcelain surface;

②Three-layer protection of the inner tank coating (adhesion layer, reinforcement layer, ultra-clean industrial-grade anti-corrosion glaze layer);

③Baosteel BTC340R special steel plate;

④300,000 pulse compression fatigue tests;

⑤Professional submerged arc welding process.

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