Enterprise Qualification
Technical Standards
  • Gwippo drafting national standards
    No. Standard Name Standard Type Standard No. How to paticipate
    01 Vitreous and porcelain enamels-Determina-tion of resistance to chemical corrosion byboiling acids and their vapours National standard GB/T 7989-2013 Drafting Unit
    02 Glass lining equipment technical conditions National standard GB 25025-2010 Drafting Unit
    03 Test Methods for Glass Lined Layers Part 7: Determination of Mean Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion National standard GB/T 7991.7-2019 Drafting Unit
    04 Test Methods for Glass Layers Part 3: Determination of Resistance to Rapid Temperature Change National standard GB/T 7991.3-2021 Drafting Unit
    05 Test Methods for Glass Layers Part 4: Determination of Mechanical Impact Resistance National standard GB/T 7991.4-2019 Drafting Unit
  • Gwippo drafts industry standards
    No. Standard Name Standard Type Standard No. How to paticipate
    01 Preparation of steel plate glass-lined specimens National standard HG/T3105-2009 Chairperson / Sole Drafter
    02 Vitreous enamel glaze National standard HG/T4798-2021 First Drafting Unit
    03 Method for determining the melt flowability of glass-lined glazes National standard HG/T2735-2009 Drafting Unit
    04 Test Methods for Vitreous Enamel Coarseness National standard HG/T3128-2009 Drafting Unit
    05 Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Glass Lined Layers National standard HG/T3221-2009 Drafting Unit
    06 Air source heat pump water heater enameled hot water storage tank National standard NB/T 34034-2016 Drafting Unit
    07 Storage water heater pond porcelain parts National standard QB/T2590-2021 First Drafting Unit
Technical Standards
National/Provincial Honors
  • China Chemical Equipment Industry Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Council Member of China Enamel Industry Association
  • Standing member of China Enamel Industry Association Industrial Enamel Branch
  • Top Ten Enterprises in China Light Industry Enamel Industry
  • China Solar Thermal Utilization Industry Alliance Flat-plate Solar Thermal Utilization Professional Committee
  • High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province
  • Jiangsu Province through the standard enterprise
  • Jiangsu private science and technology enterprises
National/Provincial Honors
  • Contract and trustworthy AAA grade enterprise
  • Wuxi City Specialized Special New Small Giant Enterprise
  • Wuxi City Famous Trademark
  • Advanced unit for resumption of work and production in the battle
  • Wuxi Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise
  • Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises in Real Economy
  • Top ten science and technology cultural and creative enterprises
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