Factory Strength
Factory Strength
Experimental team & equipment
R&D Center
  • Wuxi High Performance Vitreous Enamel Materials Engineering Technology Research Center
  • Donghua University glass enamel graduate workstation
  • Enamel firing laboratory
  • Physical and chemical laboratory
  • Jiangyin silicon Pu high performance enamel materials research institute
  • Wuxi City Enterprise Technology Center
  • Graduate workstation of Donghua University
  • Wuxi Science and Technology Research Institute ---- Wuxi High Performance Enamel Materials Engineering Research Center
Silicon Power
Silicon Power's self-developed golden zirconium water heater glaze won the national invention patent and high-tech product certificate

Gwippo's gold zirconium water heater glaze is mainly used in the water heater liner, as opposed to stainless steel liner, enamel liner with heat-resistant water corrosion, clean, safe and healthy features, the use of enamel liner greatly extended the service life of the water heater, the use of new materials enamel also allows the hot water revolution to a new climax.

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