2021 ISH & Cihe Beijing Heating Show ended successfully! Gwippo independently develops the "gas volume -type condensed water heater" one shot!
May 20,2021

On May 12-14, 2021, ISH China & Cihe-China International Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Sanitary and Comfortable Home Furnishing System Exhibition ("China Heating Exhibition") at the China International Exhibition Center Hold. The GWIPO team brought the annual new product "Gas Volume Concrete Curitic Water Heater" for the first time at the heating exhibition E1-18D booth!

Gwippo "Double -sided enamel condensing hotware"

Solve the three major technical problems at one time:

. Reacting kettle -grade acid -resistant glaze -solve condensed acid water corrosion
. Double -sided enamel -solving double -sided anticorrosion
. Reasonable heat exchange structure -solving high -energy heat exchange

The "gas volume condensation furnace" that debuted for the first time has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign audiences. It has shown a strong interest in the enamel glaze technology and double -sided enamel technology independently developed by GWIPPO, and stopped watching, discussing, and consulting. Gwippo's condensate furnace brings a material revolution to the industry. Industrial -grade anti -corrosion porcelain glaze has fundamentally solved the stainless steel materials or carbon steel materials! The enthusiastic and professional commentary of Gwippo exhibitors allows each viewer to feel the sincere service attitude of the company while understanding the performance of the product! At the exhibition site, a customer immediately placed 200 orders. This was the biggest affirmation of Gwippo, and it was also great encouragement to the GWIPPO team!

Upgrade! Gwippo "Big Red Whale"

Du energy heat exchange+integrated formation foam

Gwippo "Big Red Whale" has received widespread attention in the industry since its birth in 2018. This heating exhibition showed some application cases in recent years. After several years of market verification, GWIPPO "Big Red Whale" has received unanimous praise from customers!

After a lapse of 3 years, the "Big Red Whale" exhibited this time has been fully upgraded from the inside to the outside. Tong engineers provide more comprehensive functional selection and application areas.

It is worth mentioning that the emergence of "big red whale" during the exhibition has attracted the attention of many boiler manufacturers. In order to achieve the goal of 2060 "carbon neutrality", the national environmental protection department put forward strict requirements on energy conservation and emission reduction. Technical reforms for emissions and energy efficiency. The condensing heat exchange technology has once again become the focus of boiler manufacturer's attention!

The key to condensation technology lies in anticorrosive materials. Major boiler manufacturers have invested in trying anticorrosive enamel materials on boiler heat exchangers and inner walls. There is a big pain point in the boiler industry!

Gwippo has a glaze for 26 years. The excellent enamel technology endorsement has made boiler manufacturers see hope! "Big Red Whale+Double -sided Enamel Concrete" is specially supported by boiler, effectively condensing heat and switching heat, long -term resistance to condensed water corrosion, extending the service life of the equipment!

Let's look back at the wonderful exhibition and feel the warm atmosphere of the venue!

GWIPPO won the market with integrity, dedicated customers, focused on high -power, large -capacity, large application systems, and combined with the experience of 26 years of glaze -made glaze "to create greater value for enamel!", Provides customers with professional technical support, Customize solutions for different customers! Along the road of democratization, transparency, marketization, and cooperation, continuously move forward! Gwippo will continue the spirit of the craftsmanship of his predecessors, concentrate on technology research and development, and promote the industry to develop towards more clean, comfortable, innovative, environmentally friendly, energy -saving, and diverse directions!

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