Gwippo has a sword for two years, and the red whale water tank is heated at the exhibition
Mar 22,2019

Last March 15th to 17th, the 9th China heat pump exhibition was successfully held at the Shanghai Light Conference Exhibition Center!

In this exhibition, GWIPPO showed many innovative products to the outside world, making many participants and colleagues shine, impressive.

In daily life, large -scale places such as schools, hospitals, hotels, etc., have great hot water demand. Traditional cheap stainless steel water tanks have risks such as corrosive water seepage and polluting water. After two years of R & D and improvement, the Big Red Whale Water Tank Series (1000L-5000L enamel inner bile internal bile pressure water tank) came into being, providing engineers with better product options.

GWIPPO obtained a pressure vessel certificate in early 2018

The 3D model of the red whale water tank adds a lot of interest to the GWIPPO booth

The water tank water tank porcelain glaze is the core of the science and technology of the big red whale. At present, GWIPPO has successfully developed the water heater water tank porcelain glaze with more than ten formulas. This product obtained two national invention patents in 2015. After TUV's authoritative test, the GWIPPO brand industrial -grade high -end anti -corrosion porcelain glaze is only 0.55g/m2, which has excellent corrosion resistance.

In front of Gwippo's booth, the exhibition audience was endless. They marveled the volume of the red whale water tank. There were some professional audiences, and they also carefully observed the enamel of the big red whale water tank, the holes and seats. These professional customers gave satisfactory feedback to Sales staff of GWIPPO. This is mainly due to the excellent water tank production and inspection team of GWIPPO. They have always been very strict with the quality control of water tank enamel.

Since 2017, the market of electric water stoves has gradually grown due to the advancement of the national "coal -to -electricity" energy policy. "Innovative products, at the forefront of the market" have always been the primary goal of GWIPPO. To this end, GWIPPO puts some energy into the research and development of the product. At present, the power of the electric water furnace has a 3kW-90kW interval, which can meet the needs of different customer groups and regions.

90kW Electric Water Holding Machine is favored by many audiences

Generally speaking, the higher the power of the electrical appliance, the greater the electricity consumption, and the safety problem cannot be ignored. Gwippo's intelligent electric heating water furnace series has an electric heating component monitoring function. Once damaged, it will have an automatic alarm function, and it has super temperature protection to avoid worries for consumers.

The use of electric water furnaces on the market is mostly about 8 years. Gwippo's independently developed golden biliary can allow customers to use it for 5 years!

· Double -sided enamel conversion heat disk pipe

The difficult double -sided enamel technology has always been the advantage of GWIPPO. In this heat pump exhibition, GWIPPO applies this technology to the coating of the trail to improve the heat -resistant water corrosion of the inner wall of the tray, extend its useful life limit Essence "Gwippo is really amazing. There are many products that others do not have, which is really eye -opening!" A show customer sighed while watching the tray tube.

· Micro -channel water tank

In recent years, in the home field, due to the high heat exchange efficiency of micro -channel water tanks, the problem of less heat exchanges, and low cost, it has always been a popular product. In 2019 It also officially launched its own microcrial water tank series (100L-500L), which provides a variety of choices for customers.

· Multi -energy exchange water tank

Europe has always been at the forefront of the world in the field of international heating. Many of them advocate a combination of gas energy+solar energy and gas energy. It is foreseeable that such a multi -energy integration combination will gradually become the mainstream of the market. In the GWIPO's water tank product series, the multi-energy water-changing water tank series (100L-500L) is indispensable. In order to allow the audience to further observe the thickness of the polyurethane insulation layer of the water tank and the quality of the pipe, and the internal enamel, GWIPPO deliberately made the exhibits in the form of profile, so that the audience can really see the quality of the product!

Through large -scale industry exhibitions, GWIPPO conveys not only the unwavering product innovation spirit, but also GWIPPO's determination to provide customers with better water tank products.

After the Shanghai heat pump exhibition was successfully ended, the marketing department of GWIPPO summarized the exhibition and planned the direction for the Beijing HVAC in May.

What kind of surprises will gwippo make it for you?

Stay tuned!

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