Today’s Guyu丨GWIPPO silicon production routine
Apr 19,2024
"After Grain Rain, there is no more cold, and the beauty of the world has become warmer."

Grain Rain is taken from the meaning of "Rain brings about a hundred grains", which means that the rainfall gradually increases. At this time, the seedlings in the fields are first planted and new crops are planted and they need the moisture of rain the most. After the spring rain, flowers sprout, everything grows vigorously, and the earth is full of life. exuberant.

Today’s Guyu丨GWIPPO silicon production routine

Today’s Guyu丨GWIPPO silicon production routine

Recently, our company has produced a batch of 2000L water tanks on a large scale.

(1) It adopts the gold zirconium enamel inner tank independently developed by Sipu, which has excellent performance.

Today’s Guyu丨GWIPPO silicon production routine

(2) Made of polyurethane foam as a whole, it has excellent thermal insulation performance (the temperature drops less than 9℃ in 24 hours).

Today’s Guyu丨GWIPPO silicon production routine

The attached test report is as follows:

The above is the daily production of the water tank workshop. Rain produces hundreds of grains and all things grow. The silicon water tank is ready to go~

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