GWIPPO attended the re-election meeting of the Enamel Sub-Technical Committee of the National Metal and Non-metal Covering Standardization Technical Committee and the First Plenary Session of the Sixth Session
Apr 29,2024
From April 23rd to April 25th, our company, as a member unit, attended the Enamel Sub-Technical Committee of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Metal and Non-metal Covering Layers (SAC/TC57/SC3, hereinafter referred to as the Enamel Sub-Standard Committee) Reelection Conference and the Sixth A plenary session.

This meeting reviewed the "Requirements and test methods for valves and pressure pipe fittings with internal and external surface enamel for enamel products and untreated drinking water supply systems", QB/T1855-XXXX "General requirements for non-contact food enamel products", "Enamel products and "Determination of crack formation temperature in thermal shock test of enamel products" (discussion draft), "Determination of surface scratch resistance hardness of enamel products and enamel enamel by Mohs hardness method" (discussion draft), "Preparation of enamel products and enamel glaze samples and determination of thermal expansion coefficient" (Discussion Draft), GB/T 9988-XXXX "Test Methods for Enamel Alkali Resistance" (Discussion Draft) and GB/T 13484-XXXX "General Requirements for Food Contact Enamel Products" (Discussion Draft) 7 standards have been carefully and carefully During the discussion, the participating members and experts put forward reasonable suggestions for modification.

Mr. Jiang Weizhong, the chairman of the Sixth Enamel Sub-standard Committee, hopes that the members can actively perform their duties. Sipu has always participated in the standardization work with full enthusiasm and rigorous attitude, completed voting on time, actively participated in standard verification and put forward opinions and suggestions etc.

Chairman Jiang Weizhong said that he believed that with the correct guidance of superior leaders and the strong support of all members, the new enamel sub-standard committee has the confidence and ability to do a good job in standardization work in the enamel field. He looks forward to working with everyone to contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of my country's enamel industry.

In this meeting, our company was rated as the "Outstanding Contribution Unit". Our company actively participated in the formulation and revision of various standards, and actively cooperated with the verification of the required parameters within the standards. This award is an example of our company's active participation in the work of the Standardization Committee. kind of recognition.

As a member unit, Silicon Pu has been actively participating in standardization work, and in future work we will do the following:

1. SIPU will continue to actively participate in the revision and improvement of existing standards, continuously optimize and improve, and promote the improvement of the quality and level of standards;

2. Sipu continues to actively participate in the formulation of standards in emerging fields, providing a strong guarantee for standardizing market behavior, promoting healthy competition, and healthy development of the enamel industry;

3. In the future, Sipu will also actively participate in the formulation and revision of international standards, from following to participating to finally leading, and contribute its share to continuously enhance my country’s voice and influence in the international enamel field. .

In the future, Sipu will work harder to fulfill its obligations as a member, actively assume its responsibilities, and contribute to the development of the enamel industry!
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