Wet spray enamel glaze
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Wet spray enamel glaze
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Technical parameters
Speciality enamel glazes is a special enamel glaze, which has the following characteristics:

Rich colors: Special effects color enamel glaze comes with a variety of color options and can be customized as needed to suit different design and decoration needs.

High transparency: This enamel glaze has high transparency, which can show the texture and luster of the metal blank, while also making the enamel surface smoother and more delicate.

Strong corrosion resistance: Special effects color enamel glaze has good corrosion resistance and can effectively protect metal blanks from corrosion and wear.

Good adhesion: This enamel glaze can be firmly combined with the metal body and is not easy to fall off or crack, ensuring the stability and durability of the enamel surface.

Good decorative effect: Special effects color enamel glaze can give various textures and patterns to the enamel surface to achieve better decorative effects.

In short, Special effects color enamel glaze is an enamel glaze with excellent performance that can meet a variety of different decorative and protective needs.
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